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Manchester United: a Global Brand on Social Media

Any Manchester United fan will tell you that being at Old Trafford is a dream come true – or to some, the whole Theatre of Dreams come true. Personally, I’ve been lucky enough a couple of times, and just stepping through the gate is an awesome experience! The excitement, the feeling of being part of something bigger than ourselves, the love for the Manchester United team  – it’s all unique and united. Continue reading

Social Media: the Psychology of Sharing – Part II

So, hopefully, you’ve already read the first part of this post, the Motivations, and maybe even shared it! (If you haven’t, you’ll probably share this one, won’t you?) Anyway, now that we are familiar with the motivations for sharing content in general, we can now move on to the third element: Triggers. (I didn’t forget the second element, I’ll get back to that – promise!) Continue reading