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Twitter for Entrepreneurs – Part 3: What to Tweet (NILE Method)

One of the first things people usually get wrong about Twitter is that it’s a broadcasting tool – like TV, or websites from 1990s. Well, it’s not! If you look surprised, it means you need to read more about Twitter etiquette at some point and you should learn what to tweet. Twitter is a conversation tool, not a tool for broadcasting – unless you’re like CNN Breaking News or something, of course! And even then it’s not, but it does work as one!

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Twitter for Entrepreneurs – Part 2: Creating the Perfect Twitter Profile

Your Twitter profile matters the same way first impressions matter.

As terrible as it may sound, we all make snap judgements about the way people look, and the same goes for people on Twitter. They’re being judged based on the way their Twitter profile looks like – and hopefully sometimes their tweets!

The purpose of your profile is to persuade people to pay attention to what you have to say. Basically, it’s a résumé for you to be judged by it. In the 2nd part of ‘Twitter for Entrepreneurs’ series, we will discuss creating the perfect Twitter profile in order to maximise its effectiveness.

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MLM Network Companies: Tricks to Learn

The public has a very bad attitude towards Multi Level Marketing or MLM companies. People often think poorly of MLM entrepreneurs and the salespeople they recruit. The reason for this is the great number of pyramid schemes hiding behind the MLM business model, which in its real form is not at all bad. The real MLM model is very effective, especially when it comes to sales and it is praised by entrepreneurs, the recruited sales force, and the loyal customers.

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