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BuiltWith: Learn the Technology Behind Websites

So, I’ve been using this little extension on my Google Chrome called BuiltWith for a while, and I thought it’s worth sharing it with you guys. It really helps that little geeky child inside me!

BuiltWith is a website profiler and business intelligence tool that can help you figure out what your favourite websites are built with! Isn’t that cool!? I think it really is! The least it can do is to help you learn about them, right?

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Pocket: You Can Always Read It Later

What’s the point of having a pocket? Isn’t it that you can keep some stuff in it? Ok, now imagine you’re browsing the internet, and you want to read an article you accidentally found or watch a video, but you do not have the time to finish it right away. Wouldn’t you like it if you could save it in your “Pocket” and read it or watch it later?

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