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Welcome to Perspective iX! So excited to see you here! 😍 And you know what? We’ve got a FREE gift for you! Keep reading!

Perspective iX is a Manchester-based digital marketing consultancy, for artists and creative entrepreneurs who are tired of mainstream tips and tricks about social media and want quality back!

We’re so happy to have you here, but we know your time is money, so let us point you in the right direction. You can try iX Blog; there’s a lot to read and learn there. If you have a business enquiry or need help with your digital marketing, get in touch. Meanwhile, you can try one of our not-very-usual-projects, like iX Journal.

But Before You Go…

Did you like the top image here? I mean the shop with the trees and Instagram red notification bubble! We created it because we needed it, but, at Perspective iX, we don’t keep the good stuff to ourselves!

we sharing!

So, if you want you can download it for FREE! Use the form below to sign up and get the to iX Vault! A Layered PSD version (that’s just geeky talk for easily editable!) of this image and more exclusive content are waiting for you!

Want the image above in Layered PSD?

Want the image above in Layered PSD?


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And if you’ve got here another way, why not experience @PerspectiveIX on Instagram? You’ll see a lot of tips, inspirations,  motivations, and quotes like these:

• Choose Wisely • Quick tip from @PerspectiveIX | Social; Beyond Media •

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• @MellerSpeakman: Land Agents & Consultants Since 1836 • Designed by @OConnellAndSquelch •

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and a lot more – in some style! Don’t believe me? See it for yourself!

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