My Resume

Hello.  I’m Behrouz, and I’m a Doctoral Researcher in Behavioural Economics.Digital Marketing Consultant.Photographer.Manchester United Fan.


Sep 2014 – Present

PhD in Business & Management

The University of Manchester

Currently in my third year, studying Consumer Decision Journey through the critical lens of Attention Economy at Alliance Manchester Business School.

Sep 2010 – Sep 2011

MSc Information Systems: Business IT

The University of Manchester

Got my masters degree from Manchester Business School. The topic of dissertations was “Persuasion in Social Media: A Study in Persuasive Features and Recommendations on Facebook.”

Sep 2005 – Jan 2010

BSc Information Technology Engineering

Shiraz University of Technology

Studied IT and developed both my technical and non-technical skills. My final project was titled “Introducing an E-Business Architecture based on SAP R/3.”


Nov 2017 – Present

Marketing Executive

MrWork UK.

Working with MrWork UK to achieve replicate the growth and success the team have in the Netherlands.

Jun 2016 – Present

Digital Marketing Consultant

Meller Speakman Ltd.

Working with Meller Speakman as their digital marketing consultant developing Meller Speakman’s strategic presence on the web. Some details:

  • From zero to 2.5% engagement rate on Twitter since November 2016

  • Various successful advertising campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • 209.06% love rate; 14.69% comment rate on Instagram in 20 weeks

Aug 2015 – Present

Digital Marketing Consultant

Perspective IX

Creating a network of • connecting dots • for brands and entrepreneurs.

Perspective IX breeds a different perspective on social media, marketing, and branding because we think something is not quite right with the mainstream. Some details:

  • Ranked under 1.2M in Alexa global traffic rank & under 32k in GB (as of 26/02/2017)
  • Educational/Informative Telegram Channel with over 2k members (Organic growth in 15 months)
  • 7.95% love rate on Instagram.

Jun 2015 – May 2016

Behavioural Economics Advisor


Worked with VYPR as their advisor in behavioural economics to help improve the app and Vypr platform and decrease bias effects.

Aug 2014 – Jul 2015

Digital Marketing Consultant

Worked with Sheypoor for about a year; created and implemented a strategic year-long content marketing plan. To do so, launched Sheypoor’s Blog as the core component of our content marketing plan. Grew its community on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest with an average of 300%.

Oct 2013 – Apr 2014

SEO/SMO Consultant

Optimised Adam’s website for search engines to a high standard.

Jun 2013 – Feb 2015


Managed the website; planned and executed a redesign of the website in 2014. Also, helped with SEO.

May 2013 – Apr 2014

Social Media & Marketing Consultant

Soul Revolver Ltd.

Created a social media marketing and SEO/SMO plan and executed it for a year. Resulted in getting Soul Revolver’s Google Toolbar PageRank back to 3 in nine months after being penalised by Google and losing its PR.

Jun 2013 – Feb 2014

Social Media & Marketing Consultant / IT Support Manager

MyKidsy Ltd.

Started off as the SMM Consultant, and then was trusted with more responsibilities regarding management of the website, launching the blog, and management of the new interns.


Adam LeipzigCEO of Entertainment Media Partners.

Behrouz is great, and working with him is a pleasure. He is clear about his expertise, exact about details, and understands the big picture of webwork, HTML, social media, SEO and marketing. Behrouz always completes his work above expectations. I am glad to continue working with him.

Yasmine MahmoudiehCEO/Founder of MyKidsy Ltd.

Behrouz has helped me launch my startup, MyKidsy. He’s been in charge of IT, managed projects and also social media to some extent. I can highly recommend him because of his diverse qualities. His attention to details and time management has been praiseworthy. He has a problem-solving mindset and always tries to find creative solutions. He’s also proved his ability to oversee a team of interns and developers while we were developing our website. Behrouz has a very nice and pleasant nature and his calmness and serenity made it a joy to work with him. I can highly recommend him, and I’m sure his passion for online marketing will make him an invaluable member of any team.

Lee PretloveDirector at Soul Revolver Ltd.

I have found Behrouz to be extremely professional, skilled and friendly. He began working with Soul Revolver last year to help promote the website through social media. His work has been excellent and we now have a very active and growing presence online outside of the website.

Audrey ArkinsConsultant.

Behrouz is always a pleasure to work with. Effective, astute, great attitude, totally reliable – if he says he’ll do something, it gets done, and on schedule. He also has a quality that seems rare in someone his age – and that’s an ability to recognise limitations. New technology/software comes online all the time, but instead of making assumptions, he waits to do his research and master whatever it is. That kind of objectivity – or honesty to say “I don’t know yet, but I’ll find out fast” saves a lot of time and hassle in this business.