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Telegram is one of our favourite messaging apps for many reasons. It’s fast, encrypted, feature-rich, developer-friendly, and it’s in active development – that mean you’re getting new/better features regularly. With the introduction of channels, we found an opportunity to get to you – our lovely audience – exactly where it matters: on your smart phones! But not to spam you or send you millions of ads every hour of every day.

We decided to reach you with insightful and educational information – mostly numbers, charts, GIFs, and of course, occasional jokes! Pretty much anything related to new media and technology.

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With the growth Perspective IX Telegram channel has experienced since December 2015, we think it’s time to improve it. We want to change it from a broadcasting channel to a conversation opportunity – and this is why you’re here!

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Noiseless Tech News

Noiseless Tech News

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Oh, and since Telegram now supports themes, we’ve created one for you. You can download it here. And of course, it’s free!

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