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Telegram is one of our favourite messaging apps for many reasons. It’s fast, encrypted, feature-rich, and developer-friendly. With introduction of channels, we found an opportunity to get to you – our lovely audience – exactly where it matters: on your smart phones! But not to spam you or send you millions of ads every hour of every day.

We decided to reach you with information. In fact, interesting information – mostly numbers, charts, GIFs, and pretty much anything related to new media and technology.

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With the growth Perspective IX Telegram channel has experienced since December 2015, we think it’s time to improve it. We want to change it from a broadcasting channel to a conversation opportunity – and this is why you’re here!

Here, you can help us improve the channel and the information you’re getting through it, simply by commenting and taking part in our polls.

You can have a say in what you want to get from us and how often you’d like to get it! We might ask more questions in the future, but for now, that’s pretty much it!

Most Recent Poll: Reactions

Current Situation: Reaction Buttons are being used • #CastYourVote 🗳

Our first question is about the update frequency. What do you think?

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Previous Polls

You can still vote on 🗳

Question 1. Frequency

Current Frequency: Maximum of 2 Posts per Day • #Democracy

Our first question is about the update frequency. What do you think?


Question 2. Content Type

Current Content Type: A mix of captioned (the text part!) photos, GIFs, and videos • #Democracy-ish

Our second question is about the type of content being delivered to you via Telegram channels.


Question 3. Notifications

Current Broadcast Mode: Silent Broadcasts [mostly] • #Democracy

So, this one’s about notifications! Do you like them? Or you prefer not getting notified, and just check the app to see if something’s up (silent broadcasts)?


Question 4. Sponsored Posts

Current Situation: NO Sponsored Posts • #UnderConsideration

This one is a bit different. We’re exploring the possibility of adding Sponsored Posts to our channel – at some point in the future, not right now – and like always, we would appreciate your feedback! We’re pretty democratic as you can see!

So, what do you think?

Other stuff

Anything else on your mind about our channel? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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