BuiltWith: Learn the Technology Behind Websites


So, I've been using this little extension on my Google Chrome called BuiltWith for a while, and I thought it's worth sharing it with you guys. It really helps that little geeky child inside me! BuiltWith is a website profiler and business intelligence tool that can help you [tweetable alt="Figure out what your favourite website is #BuiltWith"]figure out what your favourite websites are built with![/tweetable] Isn't that cool!? I think it really is! The least it can do is to help you learn about them, right?

BuiltWith keeps track of different technologies used in a website from widgets, analytics, and frameworks to content management systems, advertisers, content delivery networks, web standards and web servers!

Although that's what makes me use BuiltWith Chrome extension, it's not all!

BuiltWith Technology Trends

On a larger scale, BuiltWith helps you learn about the dominating technologies on the Internet. For example, Web Technology Usage Trends:

BuiltWith - Web Technology Usage Trends
BuiltWith - Web Technology Usage Trends

But it doesn't stop there! It will also give you global eCommerce sale trends:

BuiltWith - Global Ecommerce Sales
BuiltWith - Global Ecommerce Sales

and eCommerce technology distribution:

BuiltWith - Global eCommerce Technology Distribution
BuiltWith - Global eCommerce Technology Distribution

And a lot more! Check BuitlWith website for more details. I just wanted to share BuiltWith extension for Chrome, and ended up writing this post 😄 By the way, it is also available for Firefox and Safari and you can download whichever one you want directly from here!

⭕️ Download BuiltWith Extension for Google Chrome

⭕️ Download BuiltWith Extension for Mozilla Firefox

⭕️ Download BuiltWith Extension for Safari

I hope it comes handy to you, too! 😏 Oh, and while we're at it, check out OneTab as well. I think you'll like that, too.

Oh, by the way, what's your favourite browser extensions? Share them in the comments!