5ive: We're Now Half a Decade Old


Five years ago today, I launched what went on to become what you see today: Perspective IX. Back then it was just a personal blog on my last name's domain: jafarnezhad.com. I made it even better - or at least, I thought I did - by redirecting it to my first name's subdomain: behrouz.jafarnezhad.com.

The plan was to write about social media. I always knew it was big. That's why I wrote my masters dissertation on "persuasion & the power of recommendations on Facebook" back in 2011. The blog served as a place I could share my thoughts and experiences while using and studying social media.

It lasted for a while, but when I got more serious about it, I realised I had to spell it every time I mentioned it to someone new, so with the help of my - then fabulous fiancé - now amazing wife, I came up with Perspective, focusing on my perspective and personalised it with IX. You can read about it here.

After using WordPress for so long (since 2008 when I launched my first photoblog), I decided it's time for a change. Doing several projects for various clients on SquareSpace, made me very interested the platform. I always loved a hands-on approach, so I thought the best way I could help our clients with their websites was to dive into SquareSpace. So I did it, and our fifth birthday became the day to do it.

Welcome to new Perspective IX.

And thank you for being here and being a reader. 

Here's to 5ive more years.

PS. We're kinda moving homes, so if something is not working or is missing, please bear with us. We'll definitely sort it out.