How to: Recover Dashboard Stickies from Mac Time Machine


Have you ever done a clean installation of your Mac OS? Have you ever wanted to do one? Have you ever wanted to have your stickies back on your dashboard without having to recover the entire backup? Here's how to recover dashboard stickies from time machine backup.

Recover Dashboard Stickies

All you need to do is to go to this address on your Time Machine backup:

~/Users/YourUser /Library/Preferences/


And restore these files (simply copy/paste and replace): and


There! Restart your Mac and you'll have your stickies back in no time!

Finding the Library folder

By the way, I know, finding Library folder could be a bit tricky. So here's how to do it:

On the Menu Bar in Finder, Library folder will show up if you hold down Alt (Option) key.

Finder ▹ Go ▹ [Hold down Alt (Option) key] ▹ Library

My Story

Well, this has happened to me more than once! And this little trick has come handy both times as I usually have a lot of info on my dashboard stickies! And I think everybody does. It's just because they're always there for quick notes!

Anyways, after doing a clean installation of OS X Mavericks (or Yosemite... or more recently, El Capitan; or even more recently, MacOS Sierra) about a week ago, today, I needed my stickies back! I had an account login on one of them (talk about security and privacy! Right!? lol ) And I didn't want a full backup restoration. It felt like "what's the point of a clean installation if I put everything back in it!?" Although it is not really the case!

And I thought, I've needed to recover dashboard stickies a couple of times, I might need to again! So I wrote it down for myself. Then I thought "Alright, don't be selfish! What's your blog for!?" So it became this post.

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Hope it helps you as much as it helped me! Let me know in the comments.


Update 1:

It works for OS X Yosemite as well.

Update 2:

And again, it works for OS X El Capitan just fine too.

Update 3:

The trick still works, even though it's called MacOS Sierra now.

Update 4:

You guessed it right! You can recover dashboard stickies on MacOS High Sierra as well.

Update 5:

I think this will go on for some time, but you can recover dashboard stickies on MacOS Mojave as well.