Social Media: Online Privacy & Self-Disclosure


I'm pretty sure you're wondering why I keep writing about online privacy and self-disclosure. But you know what, its importance is not something anyone can deny, especially, after watching the above video. If you haven't yet, please watch it now!

Watched it? Creepy, isn't it?

Alright, this might be a bit too Hollywood to happen to every one of us, but you get the point, right? Although it's an ad, but it makes you think about all the information out there - about you. Think about how your information on the internet reveals actual private information about you.

Your information is online already (yes, your Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc accounts), it just takes someone who knows how to dig deeper to have access to a lot of personal information about you (not necessarily with a mask, though!)

There - that's your violated privacy! Although, technically it is not - because of all the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies we accept in order to get all these "free" services.

Nowadays that you have an online identity in addition to your [offline] identity, you need to take care of both, because they are both equally important. In fact, online identity is an extension of your identity, not a separate entity.

Online Privacy
Online Privacy

Your Online Privacy is not that different from your Offline Privacy

Do you remember Pre-Facebook/Twitter/Instagram era? (If not, ask your parents, they do!) Have you (or even your parents) ever heard of someone who hung his family photo album at the door so everyone who passes by his place could take a look at it and comment on it? I seriously doubt that!

There it is again! That's your privacy! It used to be taken seriously before its becoming "online privacy". But social networks made sharing so easy! Actually, too easy - too easy to think about! Public photo albums on Facebook, or your pictures on Instagram, they are the album you hung at the door!

I'm not against sharing, obviously! However, I am against being careless. I believe online privacy is as important as offline privacy, and it should be taken very seriously. Not everything is for sharing with everyone over the internet!

Here's an experiment by YouTuber Jack Vale! And yes, it's that easy! Here are Part II & Part III

Anyway, keep this in mind when you're using social media:

Don't fear it, Learn it, and Use it right.

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