How to: Post Old Photos on Instagram Stories


As fun as Instagram Stories are, sometimes, the limitations are just annoying instead of a cause of creativity. One specific limitation is that you can only post photos/videos on Instagram Stories that have been taken during the last 24 hours...

This can be quite irritating if, for example, you're away on holidays and you don't have regular access to the internet to share your photos! Or you just felt like posting a nostalgic photo of your 3rd birthday!

So, here's how you can go around this Instagram "feature:"

  1. Open your photos app and find that photo;
  2. Screenshot the photo in fullscreen mode without any menus visible;
  3. Now, head back to Instagram... To Instagram, it's now a new photo!
  4. Add it your Story and enjoy!

Don't forget to share this with your friends - after you tried it a few times and made them jealous, of course!


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