Reading: from Paperback to Paperless


Okay, so this wasn't a setup just to be Instagram-ed! I was actually doing some reading for my Critical Research Methods for People Management and Organisation's essay and I noticed something - a difference that looked quite the same.

A difference between how reading used to be and how it now is. I still remember pre-iPhone/iPad era! Highlighting, dog-earing, taking notes (writing, not typing!) Although many of these features are now actually available on phones and tablets, to me, the feeling is not the same.

With everything becoming digital, I feel like paperlessness is being forced on us, and I think I totally support it - At least from an environmentalist point of view. Going paperless or "green" is absolutely essential, but sometimes nothing feels as good as paper in my hand when I'm reading. I enjoy the feeling of having the paper in my hand. Something with texture to feel, not Gorilla Glass!

I love technology, I do (obviously!), but when it comes to reading, for me, nothing beats paper - even Flipboard! What about you? Which one do you prefer? Paperback or Paperless?


On the left: 'Management Lives: Power and Identity in Work Organizations' by David Knights and Hugh Willmott.

On the right: 'Debating Labour Process Theory: The Issue of Subjectivity and the Relevance of Poststructuralism' by Damian O'Doherty and Hugh Willmott.