Social Media: Online Identity & Immortality


Online Identity, Privacy, and Immortality: Your online life, permanent as a tattoo

This was the title of a short TEDTalk by Juan Enriquez. The "online life" simply was interesting enough for me to give it a go. I watched it for a few times, but after the first time, I thought to myself that it's a must-watch for anyone who has an account on a social network, regardless of the purpose and the way he/she is using it.

Just like tattoos, what we post online can be beautiful, intriguing, allegiance, very intimate, or even a serious mistake. And again like tattoos, they are there to stay for a long long time! Probably long after our time on our blue planet.

The information, our online life provides, can be used to determine who & what we are (for any purpose), and it can be used for or against us. Now consider this amount of information (mostly publicly available), and think about it in line with accurate Face Recognition technologies available (84-94%). Other don't even have to know us in order to look us up!

Face Recognition -> Google the name -> BoOoOoOoOoM! now some stranger knows you as good as your good friends!

This stranger can be our boss, our potential employer, an identity thief, a stalker...

That is clearly too much information! And it's not just the amount of information that is a bit too scary, it's also the immortality of the information, and your reputation; once you get that electronic tattoo, it's there to stay.

The bottom line is Social Media has the potential from improving our lives to ruining our lives. We can get the best out of it just as long as we are careful about what we're posting.

Don't fear it, Learn it, and Think about it.