Twitter: Reaction to Luis Suarez's Biting


Uruguay's controversial striker, Luis Suarez, is the centre of another buzz at the World Cup after biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini on the back of the shoulder in their last group stage match. The Liverpool star believes that it has been blow out of all proportion, but it doesn't seem so!

Tooth marks in Chiellini's shoulder?

— ITV Football (@itvfootball) June 24, 2014

This isn't the first time that Luis Suarez bites an opponent player during a football match. In fact, it's his third time. After being suspended for seven games for biting PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal on the shoulder in 2010 while he was playing at Ajax in Holland, Luis Suarez got suspended for ten games as a result of biting Chelsea's Branislov Ivanovic on the arm in 2013. After making a biting hat trick against Italy at the World Cup, Luis Suarez might get suspended for up to 24 games or two years, which can put his football career in perspective. Twitter's been a big source of World Cup news and like many other global events, Luis Suarez's biting incident became a worldwide trend on Twitter. Below you can see the amount of mentions Luis Suarez got before and after the Uruguay vs. Italy match.

When such topics starts trending on Twitter, Twittersphere usually explodes with a comic buzz. In the moment and shortly after Suarez's biting incident, lots of big brands used the trending topic, and the funniest ones won it! From Snickers to Trident Gum to McDonald's Uruguay reacted and got lots of attention and engagement out of it. You can see the examples below:

Relax, they're twist off. — Bud Light (@budlight) June 24, 2014

Hola @luis16suarez, si te quedaste con hambre vení a darle un mordisco a una BigMac ;) — McDonald's Uruguay (@McDonalds_Uy) June 24, 2014

Biting is only okay when you're made of cinnamon and sugar. — CinnamonToastCrunch (@CTCSquares) June 24, 2014

We recommend a good swish after grabbing a bite of Italian. #WorldCup#PowerToYourMouth — Listerine Global (@ListerineGlobal) June 24, 2014

Hey @luis16suarez. Next time you're hungry just grab a Snickers. — SNICKERS® (@SNICKERS) June 24, 2014

If only Suarez had Whataburger before the game he wouldn't be so hungry. — Whataburger® (@Whataburger) June 24, 2014

There's no c̶r̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ #biting in baseball. — MLB (@MLB) June 24, 2014

Chew Trident. Not soccer players. #ITAvsURU — Trident Gum (@tridentgum) June 24, 2014

  Also, here are some users' reaction to Luis Suarez's biting incident:

new kit for #suarez next season? — Steve Fx ©2014 (@bitgit) June 24, 2014

More conclusive evidence that Suarez bit Chiellini. — Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) June 25, 2014

And apparently, Luis Suarez had tried to get a piece of Chiellini back in 2013 and he wasn't successful, but he did make up for it in the World Cup!

Luis Suarez tried to do exactly the same in 2013 — Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) June 25, 2014

Hat trick for #Suarez! Oh, in #biting I mean! #SuarezGoneWild again!

— Behrouz (@the_Behrouz) June 24, 2014


Luis Suarez was handed a four-month ban from all football-related activities, a nine-match international ban and a 100,000 Swiss Francs fine.

Luis Suarez is also prohibited from entering the confines of any stadium in which the representative team of Uruguay is playing while he has to serve the nine-match suspension.

Image credit: ProSoccer Talk - NBC Sports