It all started when…

Started in 2013, but relaunched in 2015 as a community for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses, Perspective iX is a quickly growing network of • connecting dots • Perspective iX breeds a different perspective on social media, marketing, and branding because we think something is not quite right with the mainstream.

Who is Perspective iX for?

Perspective iX is for anyone who’s tired of useless mainstream “social media tricks” and “how to get many more followers in a week who-don’t-and-won’t-care-about-you,” and wants quality and authenticity for their brand. Perspective iX is for people who don’t fool themselves only with quantity on social media. People who want quality as well as quantity.

So, if you love - or need or think you need - social media, you want to create a brand (for yourself or your business), and you care about quality, stick around; we have a lot to talk about.

Perspective iX is all about learning and loving the process. We learn together, we dig deeper together, and we share what we know.

• we connect the dots •

But there’s no “expert” here. I mean with all the self-proclaimed experts and gurus and ninjas, who wants to be labelled expert anymore, right?
However, Perspective iX is the result of more than 8 years of experience with social media, including 1 year of quantitative research (for my MSc at Manchester Business School), 2 years of private action research and ethnography, 3 years of social media marketing research, and 18 months (and counting) of research in consumer decision making and attention economy (for my PhD at Alliance MBS). Plus several projects and clients throughout these years such as Adam LeipzigMyKidsySoul RevolverSheypoor, and more.

The gist: you [want to] have a classy quality brand, because you have something unique to do, say, or sell… Perspective iX is here to help you rock it! Because you’ve got what it takes!


So, who created this little piece of not-being-a-fan-of-mainstream social media?

Glad you asked, my friend. Currently based in Manchester, UK, Perspective iX was founded by Behrouz Jafarnezhad. Third person aside, I started Perspective iX as a personal blog back in 2013, after years of having a photo blog – because I didn’t know my experience with social media can be of help to people, but I knew my photos were quite nice.

Rebranded and relaunched in 2015, Perspective iX now has a bigger vision: to help creative individuals and small and medium businesses who care about having a brand with quality and authenticity to grow.

Umm… Beh… what!?


Behrouz is a Persian name – well, so am I. “Beh” means better; and “Rouz” means day. Basically, with me, it’s always a ‘better day!’ Simple, isn’t it? But if you’re still struggling with that, you can call me ‘Ben’ and still, have a better day than most!


In addition to being a PhD candidate, I enjoy football – whether it’s watching or playing either on the pitch or PlayStation. I'm a life-long Manchester United fan. I love reading and writing (hello! blogging here!!) when I don’t have to! I do enjoy hanging out with 3-dimensional people as well and I’m pretty good at it. I love watching movies and TV series, and I’m like the biggest fan of FRIENDS!



Why ‘Perspective iX’?

Being unique has always been my strategy and I firmly believe in authenticity. Believing in that, I always tried to stay away from the mainstream, and this has given me a different Perspective than most.

The ‘iX’ part is a little more personal. IX is the Roman equivalent of 9. That would be the number of dots in our names combined – when written in Persian – I mean my and I! That’s also one of the reasons behind the iX logo with the nonagon (the nine-sided polygon with nine angles/dots). Told you…

• eventually all the dots will connect •

Although, after more than three years of being Perspective iX, even us not sure when calling it! Sometimes it's Perspective 9, sometimes it's Perspective IX (EYE-X)... It's a lot like iPhone X - and probably the reason Apple skipped iPhone 9/IX. I'm pretty sure they knew they couldn't compete! 😂